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Revenge of the Redheads

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Festival Is an Annual Pilgrimage for Redheads and Their Admirers

Crosshaven in Cork is fast becoming a Mecca for people to celebrate and rejoice in redheadedness.

  • Fun festival is a tongue-in-cheek celebration for the world’s rarest hair color

  • Festivities include music, art exhibitions, history and a splash of science

  • Contestants vie to be crowned King and Queen of the Redheads for one year


What springs to mind when you ruminate on red-headedness? Is it really better to be dead than red? Or are you quick to quip that redheads are becoming an endangered species? Lampooned by the media and marketed to the masses, these defamatory and prejudicial red-headed refrains have somehow survived the purge of outdated stigmas. But one woman has come up with a radical solution to stem the tide of nonsense and mobilize popular support for the red ranks. Her name is Joleen Cronin.

Crosshaven’s Redhead Convention isn’t the Rose of Tralee or the Eurovision Song Contest but it does set tongues wagging on a topic shrouded in ignorance and innuendos. Now in its sixth year, the whacky festival is firmly establishing the picturesque County Cork village as the leading destination for the greatest single celebration of red hair on the planet. It’s an annual event billed as a convention in honor of all things ginger. There are art exhibitions, contests, cinema screenings and fun events throughout the weekend ensuring a carnival atmosphere for fans of the world’s rarest hair color.

Red Royalty: Contestants battle it out to be crowned King and Queen of the Redheads.’s Colin Carroll also took time out recently to catch up with Laura-May Keohane, the outgoing Queen of the Redheads. See how his table manners held up under close scrutiny from Laura-May’s watchful eye.

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