Ireland’s Petrified Forest: Meditate to Death

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Terrifying statues on display at the Indian sculpture & philosophy park featuring Mahatma Gandhi ‘on his farewell tour’

The Ferryman's End @ Victoria's Way

  • Ireland’s very own Petrified Forest houses blood-curdling sculptures

  • Towering granite and bronze monuments dominate the woods

  • Park’s entrance is guarded by a 20 ton birth canal carved in black granite


Wicklow —  a county renowned for its scenic mountain ranges and proximity to Dublin — has secretly been harboring an illicit tourist hotspot far from the beaten track. Nestled away among 22 acres of pristine countryside lies an extraordinary park.

This foreboding forest is home to a curious-looking collection of sculptures with a definite nod to the Orient. Expertly sculpted from granite and bronze, these symbolic statues represent the journey of life through Eastern philosophy. The park offers a one-of-a-kind experience to visitors making it one of Ireland’s most exotic and best-kept secrets.


Victoria's Gate @ Victoria's Way.jpg

The imposing Victoria’s Gate welcomes visitors to the one-of-a-kind park

The main sculptures of the park symbolize the various stages of the journey through life leaning heavily on Eastern traditions and Buddhist philosophy. It takes pilgrims approximately one hour to tour the entire park and enthusiasts can also view a photo exhibition revealing how the monuments were originally crafted in India.

The attraction is open to all and it is fast becoming a favorite destination for wayfaring strangers, nomads, and admirers of Eastern culture and traditions. While the monuments will shock and awe in equal measure, the Irish weather is typically a tad less tropical so visitors should come prepared and expect the unexpected.

Victoria's Way Sculpture Montage.png

An Irish park wrapped up in a little Eastern charm


Watch this short video with Victor Langheld, the charismatic owner and curator of the park to discover the story behind Victoria’s Way.



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