9 Irish Sayings for a Bulletproof Life

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Celtic Parables Preach Universal Truths

These quirky proverbs encapsulate the fundamental tenets and social values that unify Irish people all around the world.

  • Pithy Irish proverbs provide a window into crucial Celtic commandments

  • Ancient adages shine a light on the Gaelic mindset and its cultural values

  • Pearls of wisdom provide a fetching framework for a successful and moral life


Proverbs Provide a Moral Compass for the Irish

The ability to pass on knowledge from one generation to the next has been instrumental in the ascent of the human race. We have excelled as poets, prophets, preachers, storytellers, scribes and sages. Modern humans reap the benefits of millennia of curiosity, discovery, toil and sweat.  

Through the ages, civilizations across the world have packaged pearls of wisdom into perennial proverbs for posterity. The  Irish language offers up a veritable treasure trove of these wise sayings that resonate equally well in English. has painstakingly curated the crème de la crème of these timeless aphorisms for your viewing pleasure below.

1: Regret and Rumination

Proverb 1.png

The paradox of living in a world blessed with an abundance of choice can be crippling indecision.

“You'll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind.”

Irish Empire’s Interpretation: Live in the present moment. Plan for the future and have the courage to take bold decisions where necessary. Taking action will always illuminate the path and facilitate progress.

2: Hope Springs Eternal


Even in the darkest of times, humans possess an uncanny ability to pull back from the brink and eke out solutions.

"It's a long road that has no turning."

Irish Empire’s Interpretation: No matter the hand you’re dealt, there will always be a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel. Biography doesn’t have to equal destiny. Situations and people will always possess the power to pivot in a positive direction.

3: Blowing Hot Air

Proverb 3.png

Posing, posturing and dishonesty don’t sit well with the Irish as a strategy for getting ahead in life.

“An empty sack does not stand.”

Irish Empire’s Interpretation: Honesty and authenticity are the hallmarks of a person’s integrity and standing in the community.  Insincere folk and people who set out to mislead and dupe others will always be unmasked and exposed in the fullness of time.  

4: Experience and the Wisdom of Elders


Respect for the experience, wisdom and foresight offered by elders and history is a hallmark of Irish society.

“The older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune.”

Irish Empire’s Interpretation: There’s no substitute for the wisdom gleaned through experience and age. We are all ornate tapestries woven by our encounters and experiences. Like a fine wine, the human spirit grows wiser and richer with time.

5: Health and Nutrition


Cutting corners on groceries to save a couple of bucks is a mug’s game that comes back to haunt you and your health insurance.

“It's better to pay the butcher than the doctor.”

Irish Empire’s Interpretation: Never cut corners when it comes to a healthy, balanced diet. Penny-pinching might boost your bank balance in the short term but will likely lead to serious physical and financial repercussions for you and your family over time.

6: Pluck and Perseverance

Proverb 6.png

Difficult is always worth doing. Fortune favors the brave. Grit and tenacity will always see you home.

“The road to Heaven is well signposted, but it's badly lit at night.”

Irish Empire’s Interpretation: Modern humans are hardwired to seek out the path of least resistance. However, true fulfillment and the greatest rewards are reserved for those who have the courage and staying power to see challenges through even under the most trying of circumstances.

7: Bite Your Tongue

Proverb 7.png

Be discerning with the words you choose and think before you speak. Listening is an underrated skill.

“It's often that a man's mouth breaks his nose.”

Irish Empire’s Interpretation: Failure to appreciate the impact of your words and how you deploy them could land you in hot water. Empathizing with others through active listening and compassion should always precede judgment and criticism. Beware the sins of the tongue.

8: Work Ethic


Being Irish means not being afraid to get your hands dirty and put your back into some hard work.

“If there was work in the bed, you'd sleep on the floor.”

Irish Empire’s Interpretation: Irish hard graft, sweat and toil are the stuff of legends. Little surprise, then, to find an Irish proverb chastising laziness. The sentiment behind the saying is that idleness and sloth tend to have a multiplier effect rendering us unproductive and work-shy.

9: Patience Is a Virtue


Dedicating time and investing real emotional capital in your life’s work will pay the highest dividends.

“The longest road out is the shortest road home.”

Irish Empire’s Interpretation: Good things come to those who wait. It’s always worth going the extra mile and leaning into every experience. By carefully planning and following through on your most demanding commitments, you set yourself up for success and a bountiful harvest.


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