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Origins of Irish Empire

Born in 1865, Anthony Regis Carroll, an Irish lawyer, was kidnapped in the 1920s during the Irish War of Independence and sentenced to death. He escaped. His captors were caught and convicted in the High Court of Ireland. If he hadn’t survived his great-grandson, Colin Carroll, wouldn’t be around today to resurrect the Irish Empire.

In 2010 the Irish Empire came to international prominence when it promoted the inaugural Paddy Games in Cork, Ireland.

Today the Irish Empire represents our disenfranchised brothers and sisters around the world. Irish descendants are denied a passport and disbarred from having a vote in Irish affairs. Irish Empire fills this cultural identity void.

Who is Irish Empire?

We're a homegrown tech start-up based in Ireland. We're headquartered beneath the misty mountain tops and rolling green pastures of Dungarvan, County Waterford.

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Powered by lush potatoes and Irish rainwater, our dedicated team works around the clock to connect and serve the world's greatest Irish community.